- Associated Press - Tuesday, March 15, 2011

NEW YORK (AP) — The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s annual induction ceremony is the only place you’d find Bruce Springsteen as just one member of a 21-piece backup band.

The rock hall’s latest class brought together Neil Diamond, Alice Cooper, Tom Waits, Darlene Love, Dr. John and Leon Russell, and after all the speeches were done, the musicians kept playing until the wee hours.

Mr. Springsteen brought his guitar to back Miss Love, who created a modern-day “Wall of Sound” and dueted with Bette Midler on “He’s a Rebel” after her induction Monday night. Guitarist John Mayer supported Mr. Russell in his ballad “A Song for You.” Mr. Diamond had the crowd in the glittery ballroom of the Waldorf-Astoria hotel dancing to the 1960s era “Cherry Cherry.”

Mr. Diamond seemed a bit loopy in his acceptance speech, after traveling 25 hours from Australia for the ceremony and looking ahead to another trip Down Under to resume a concert tour. He criticized Paul Simon, who inducted him, for giving Mr. Simon’s upcoming album a difficult-to-remember title (“So Beautiful or So What”), then tried to recover by saying, “I dare anybody in this room to make a better album.”

Mr. Diamond got a cheer from the New York crowd for recognizing his city roots while performing “I Am I Said.”

Mr. Simon noted that Mr. Diamond, who was born in Brooklyn, had first been eligible for the rock hall in 1991 and wondered, “What took so long?”

His theory: Mr. Diamond’s duet with Barbra Streisand, “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers.”

“It’s Barbra Streisand,” he said. “It’s not rock ‘n’ roll. I don’t even think they let that DNA near the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.”

Alice Cooper is the stage name for singer Vincent Furnier and his band, known for 1970s-era hard-rock songs “Eighteen,” ”No More Mr. Nice Guy” and “School’s Out.” Their concerts were steeped in horror-movie theatrics, and Mr. Cooper wrapped a snake around his neck during his speech accepting induction. He performed a trio of the band’s hits in a shirt spattered with fake blood.

“We’ve always been a hard-rock band,” Mr. Cooper said. “We just wanted to decorate it a little differently.”

Mr. Cooper said he’d like to promise the rock hall that his band wouldn’t embarrass it.

“But I can’t make that promise,” he said. “After all, we are Alice Cooper.”

He was inducted by singer Rob Zombie, who recalled how he painted a portrait of Mr. Cooper dripping in blood when he was in fourth grade and was asked to make a picture of someone he admired — drawing attention from school authorities.

Mr. Waits is a well-versed songwriter in blues, poetry and ballads, with songs rough and romantic. Several of his Hall of Fame predecessors have recorded his work, including Mr. Springsteen (“Jersey Girl”), the Ramones (“I Don’t Want to Grow Up”), Rod Stewart (“Downtown Train”) and Johnny Cash (“Down There by the Train”). Neil Young said Mr. Waits is indescribable, and “I’m here to describe him.” The two later performed together.

Mr. Waits noted that his rock hall trophy was heavy and wondered if he could have a keychain version “that I can keep with me in case I hear somebody say: ‘Pete, take the cuffs off him. He’s a Hall of Famer.’”

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