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They might never have met if not for “Band X,” a country project both were asked to write for by their music publishers. Neither saw how they fit in the picture.

“And we both tried to cancel,” White said.

White and Williams agree there would have been no reason to put them together in a writing room on the first day of the songwriting sessions. It was random chance that made no sense on the surface. But the results were immediate.

“To be honest, the first day when I was with her, we weren’t too concerned about getting cuts on the project,” White said. “We were just like, `Who are you.’”

“`Where have you been my entire musical life?’” Williams said.

“But neither one of us said that out loud at any point,” White said.

The two got together for another songwriting session and the chemistry was undeniable. Yet still neither broached the idea of teaming up in a permanent way.

“I was a little jaded and so was she,” White said. “I thought, I’m just going to write songs for a while. We went into the studio and we clicked again, so I finally got up the nerve to ask her out as it were.”

“In a musical way,” Williams said.

“It was very awkward _ `I don’t know what you’re doing later …,’” White said. “And she totally could’ve just let me hang out there.”

Instead, she chose a path neither of them really ever envisioned and it has led them to a kind of freedom they’ve never felt before.

“I can see your wings getting larger and larger as we do this, too,” White said to Williams near the end of the interview. “There’s no confinement. There’s no walls. There’s no hole that this has to fit through, no topic that this has to fit under. It’s like we have no rules with what we do. We’re lucky in that what we do together seems to have this general nucleus to it but we just chase the muse wherever it takes us.”