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“That’s what is making everybody better, is that it is an open competition and nothing is for certain,” said Box, the only one of the four to see playing time last season. “Every day I’ve got to compete and do more than I ever had.”

Box said it hasn’t been hard to learn the new system, and the game is still football. But, he said there are some differences between Edsall and Paqualoni.

“He’s a lot shorter than Edsall was, and not as broad shouldered,” he said. “But he’s a great coach and he gets us fired up and we’re buying in.”

Tuesday afternoon’s practice is the first of 15 before the annual spring football game on April 16.

Pasqualoni said he was impressed with how the team was able to handle the amount of new information it got on the first day, and had already grasped a lot of his system.

“Now we’ve got to start getting better,” he said. “So, like I said to them, now the real work starts.”