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Another company, Sky Express, charges $12 for a round trip, with a free $60 casino bonus.

Mr. Ng celebrated his birthday Friday by taking a World Wide Travel bus to Mohegan that left about six hours before the one that crashed. Patrick Kennedy, an unemployed car service chauffeur, was also on the trip.

On Monday, he was at the bus stop, greeting Mr. Ng.

“Me and you — we made it back,” Mr. Kennedy told Mr. Ng as they gave each other the thumbs-up sign in front of a bus operated by Dwayne Smith, a driver for World Wide.

“Some people go almost every day,” Mr. Smith said, although only a handful of people showed up for Tuesday’s trip, which was canceled.

Many Chinese-American gamblers are elderly, looking for company and entertainment. Others are immigrants with few friends or family in the United States. And some are men at risk of losing their homes, jobs and families to accommodate their pastime, Mr. Yee said.

“Everyone knows how to gamble in the Chinese culture. It’s very normal,” said Sai Ling, 57, who lost her parents, whom she described as casual gamblers, in the crash.

As a result, Mr. Yee said, when gambling becomes a problem, people don’t seek treatment “until they are totally lost — until they lose their homes, their jobs, their families.” Others, he said, commit suicide.