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In other words, they’re exactly the kind of team bracket prognosticators look for when trying to predict a No. 12 seed bumping off a 5.

“They’ve got grown men,” Martin said. “They’re old. They’ve been through it. They understand. They’ve got a championship culture in their program. They expect to win the games they play, regardless of who the opponent is.”

Utah State is looking for any kind of win in the NCAA tournament.

The Aggies have been regulars in the bracket, reaching the NCAA tournament eight of the past 12 years, including three straight. They just can’t seem to win when they get there, losing six straight 14 of 15 since 1971.

Seeding has hurt them.

Between playing in the WAC and not being able to lure big-name programs all the way out to Logan, Utah State has yet to get a seeding higher than 10th _ and that was in 1983. The high seeds mean difficult matchups, pitting the Aggies against top programs like UCLA, Kansas, Arizona, Washington and, last season, Texas A&M.

The Aggies, based on their recent run of success and record-breaking season, figured they’d get a better seed this year, maybe high as a 7 or 8.

It didn’t happen, leaving Utah State’s players frustrated on selection Sunday and in another tough opener against a physical, athletic team in the NCAA tournament.

On the other side of it, though it’s also a chance to finally win an NCAA game and do a little told-you-so finger pointing.

“We’re here, we’re in the NCAA tournament, we have a great opportunity before us to make some national noise and get us some attention, and even prove some guys wrong,” Wesley said. “So why not take advantage of this opportunity we’ve been given?”

The Wildcats are thinking the exact same thing.