- - Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Legislator wants no Jesus prayers

ST. PAUL | A Jewish Minnesota lawmaker is asking state Senate leaders to allow only nondenominational prayers to open sessions.

Democratic Sen. Terri Bonoff says she felt “highly uncomfortable” when a Baptist pastor repeatedly mentioned Jesus Christ and Christianity in an invocation Monday.

Miss Bonoff says she wants Republican Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch to change the letter submitted to visiting chaplains to say they are “required,” rather than “requested,” to make prayers nondenominational.

A spokesman for Miss Koch says Wednesday that Miss Bonoff and Miss Koch had been in touch. Miss Koch didn’t immediately respond to a request for further comment.

Several Jewish senators who are Democrats are backing Miss Bonoff’s request. She’s meeting resistance from some Republicans who say lawmakers shouldn’t censor visiting chaplains’ prayers.


Clinton: No interest in job past 2012

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Wednesday she does not want to stay in her job if President Obama wins a second term in 2012.

The nation’s top diplomat also firmly said she neither has plans to mount another White House bid nor interest in other posts, such as vice president or defense secretary.

Mrs. Clinton, visiting Cairo, was asked whether she would stay on in a second Obama term. She also was asked if she would like the jobs of president, vice president or defense secretary. She offered single word responses to each: “No.”


GOP: Bureau too powerful

House Republicans said Wednesday that a new government agency designed to protect consumers from problems with mortgages and other financial products has too much power. They also criticized it for participating in a federal-state effort to force mortgage servicers to change the way they foreclose on troubled homeowners.

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