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He added, “Now that’s not to say that we don’t have women doing a tremendous job in combat where you have a pretty amorphous environment, no real front lines in a counterinsurgency environment. And their contributions are appreciated and recognized and rewarded.

“In talking to them, I think they feel like that’s probably enough. So I don’t see the day coming where we would change our culture necessarily, and, in the process, go against what I think the vast majority of our women would want to see — stay pretty much like it is.”

One commission member predicted there would be no rush by women to try to qualify for the infantry.

“If you asked most women … should women be able to go infantry, 99 percent of the women will say yes, if they’re qualified they should,” retired Army Brig. Gen. Rebecca Halstead said.

“The second question should be, do you want to go to infantry? And 99 percent of the women would probably say no.”