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COACHING PREDIGREE: When UCLA’s Ben Howland stepped into an NCAA tournament meeting earlier this week, it hit him: There are some coaching legends in Tampa, Fla.

Kentucky’s John Calipari, Florida’s Billy Donovan and West Virginia’s Bob Huggins are in Tampa. Michigan State’s Tom Izzo was here, too.

Howland was taken back by the talent surrounding him.

“Everybody that gets to this level is a good coach. But you look at Huggins, you look at Izzo, you look at Billy obviously, you look at Calipari, I mean, unbelievable success these guys have had,” Howland said. “All those guys will undoubtedly be Hall of Fame coaches. Huggins is incredible what he’s done, and he started really young as a head coach. I think he’s in his 28th year as a head coach. He got his first job when he was in his late 20s. Billy was really young, too. I mean, these guys are all Hall of Fame coaches. It’s pretty incredible.”


LIGHT(S) MOMENT: After a series of serious questions and responses during Friday’s media session, Wisconsin players were hit with a bout of giggles.

Someone walking through the media room tripped over a light stand in the back, turning a row of lights away from the table where the players were sitting and darkening the room.

After a few quick snickers, point guard Jordan Taylor and forward Jon Leuer couldn’t hold back, turning away several times to giggle away from the microphone.

As they walked away, the moderator of the session got them laughing again.

“Watch your step over there,” he said. “We seem to be having a problem with that.”

The players were still laughing when their coach showed up for his portion of the interviews.

“That’s a tough act to follow with what just happened here,” Badgers coach Bo Ryan said. “I only heard bits and pieces.”