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He still shakes his head thinking about it.

“He threw a half-court, alley-oop pass in a close playoff game (against archrival Roman Catholic), and D.J. Rivera catches it and reverse dunks it,” Arrigale said. “In amazement, the other team didn’t score another basket. The crowd just went crazy. You look and you’re like, ‘What were you thinking?’ when the ball leaves his hands. And the next thing you know, what was a six- or eight-point game turns into a 20-something-point rout in a playoff game against a team that we played close all year.”

For all his transgressions, Jardine remains a leader and has never ducked the media when things sour. When the Orange lost four straight after an 18-0 start and fans began to worry about the postseason, he was in the locker room to answer every question _ and there were plenty.

“It’s always been in me to lead. It’s just my personality,” Jardine said. “Sometimes, I can be risky, but I’m really working on trying to value every possession. I just try to make the best play for my team.”