- - Sunday, March 20, 2011


Chu: Reactor locale changing

Energy Secretary Steven Chu says Japan’s nuclear crisis will influence the locations of new U.S. nuclear reactors.

He is suggesting that population might be a greater factor than it has been in deciding where to build a plant.

President Obama has ordered a comprehensive review of U.S. nuclear plant safety.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is seeking a review of the Indian Point power plant, located about 40 miles north of New York City. At least 21 million people live within 50 miles of the plant.

Mr. Chu tells “Fox News Sunday” that officials believe Indian Point is safe, but they will review whether it should continue operating in the aftermath of the Japanese disaster.

Mr. Chu says decisions on where to locate future plants will be different than in the past.


Freshman: Senate should step up

A newly elected Republican congresswoman says senators should confront President Obama about his veto threat and approve $61 billion in spending cuts.

Freshman Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler of Washington state issued the challenge in the Republicans’ radio address Saturday. She said senators should “step up” and follow the House to rein in federal spending.

But the House bill does not have enough support to pass the Senate. It’s unclear what progress can be made toward compromise with Congress headed on a 10-day vacation.

Mrs. Beutler accused Mr. Obama of staying on the sidelines instead of offering a long-term spending plan.

And she blamed an “army of lobbyists” in Washington for blocking efforts to address the country’s debt. She said gridlock is preventing the job creation the country needs.

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