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A moment for Liz Taylor, who died Wednesday: I met Miss Taylor at a “Roots” Kennedy Center event back in the day when I worked on a gossip column at the old Washington Star. She walked in draped in indulgent fur with then-husband Sen. John W. Warner. As photographers did their thing, Miss Taylor dropped one shoulder, and as the fur slipped her hubby was right there to catch it.

As Mr. Warner chatted up reporters, Miss Taylor ambled over to where I was standing, near a buffet table.

She grabbed a napkin and ate a few pieces of chicken, but didn’t know where to deposit her trash.

After noticing me, she handed me her garbage, but turned a wonderful shade of blush after reading my media credentials.

“I’m so sorry,” she said.

“No worries,” I responded. “It’s probably the black suit and white blouse that had you thinking what you were thinking.”

We both enjoyed a hearty chuckle.

And, yes.

Her legendary violet eyes were indeed striking.

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