Report blames workout for injuries to Iowa players

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Athletic Director Gary Barta said he will move forward with the committee’s recommendations.

“Many of the things recommended are already things being recommended or we’re going through,” he said. “Everything is rational and makes sense.”

Hines said the incident with the Hawkeye football players is “clearly a wake-up call not only for Iowa but the entire country.” He said the awareness that’s been created by the Iowa players’ injuries will help prevent future incidents elsewhere.

“The word is out that some of these things can cross the line before you’re aware of it,” Hines said.

Barta said it’s critical to find a balance between being competitive and safe.

“We have to make sure we’re educating ourselves and our athletes,” he said. “You can still be a tough guy and be safe.”

He said it’s important to find those limitations and encourage athletes who are injured to step forward. All 13 players injured in January have been cleared for training and competition, he said.

The parents and guardians of the players have been sent a letter and a copy of the report.

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