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Ratings represent the percentage of all homes with televisions tuned into a program.


FASHION STATEMENT: Josh Harrellson’s nickname is “Jorts,” which the Kentucky senior earned after a picture of him wearing a lengthy pair of jean shorts popped up on a popular web site while he was being recruited by former coach Billy Gillispie.

It’s a moniker Harrellson has embraced. He has about a dozen pairs of jean shorts stuffed inside a drawer in his bedroom in a wide array of colors and lengths.

“It’s a fashion statement, they’re easy to put on,” he said. “I can wear my basketball shorts underneath them and wear them out to the courts, they’re easy to slip off.”

Students declared Harrellson’s final game at Rupp Arena “Jorts Day,” and dozens turned out to honor the much-improved former junior college player by donning a pair of their own.

He’s even managed to snag a picture alongside teammate Darius Miller, student assistant Enes Kanter and graduate assistant Wayne Turner. Kanter and Turner borrowed shorts from Harrellson for the shot, but not Miller.

“He’s got his own,” Harrellson said.


GETTING PHYSICAL: Every coach takes pride in the toughness of their team, that dogged desire to grab every rebound, track down every loose ball, make every possession miserable.

When that’s not happening, they go to great lengths to get their message across.

Kentucky coach John Calipari was so disgusted earlier this season that he found some boxing gloves and punching bags and put his guys to task. He figured those kinds of intense workouts might spark something in a team trying to mix several star freshmen with a handful of veterans.

“We had to go to toughness drills,” Calipari explained Saturday, on the eve of his team’s game against North Carolina in the regional finals. “We put on boxing gloves, heavy bag, and we had guys hurt their wrist hitting a heavy bag with a glove on.”

The drills must have worked, though. Kentucky got tougher physically and mentally, which allowed the Wildcats to start winning close games. That’s carried into the NCAA tournament, where Brandon Knight delivered last-second shots to beat Princeton and Ohio State.

“Like coach said, we weren’t tough in the season, we let a lot of games slip away from us in the late-game situation,” senior Josh Harrellson said. “We kind of turned that around.”

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