- The Washington Times - Sunday, March 27, 2011


Airline: Most flights on time

Alaska Airlines and its Horizon Air affiliate say they have resolved a computer outage that led to the cancellation of 150 flights on Saturday, disrupting travel plans for more than 12,000 passengers of the regional airline.

The company says most flights are now operating on time, though about a dozen have been delayed due to crew scheduling issues. The company recommends passengers check their flight’s status online.

Passengers are boarding the next available flights at no charge, and in some cases are flying with other airlines, the company says.

Alaska Airlines spokeswoman Bobbie Egan said the outage occurred when a transformer blew and knocked out the company’s computer system for booking flights. Technicians had been trying to install a back-up power supply for the system.


Uneven job growth seen across states

U.S. companies have added jobs for 12 straight months, but the gains across the country have been uneven and a little surprising.

California and Michigan, which each suffered some of the worst job losses during the recession, are adding jobs again. California last month had its single best month for job creation in more than two decades. Still, six states lost jobs from February 2010 through last month, including Kansas and New Jersey, states that weren’t considered troubled spots.

Overall, 44 states added jobs in that stretch, one of the best year-over-year showings since the recession ended. And the unemployment rate has fallen in 41 states, the Labor Department said Friday. Last month, the unemployment rate dropped in 27 states, compared to the previous month. It rose in seven states and stayed the same in 16. That’s the most states to report a drop since June, when many states were still benefiting from census hiring.

Nationwide, employers have added 1.3 million jobs from February 2010 through last month.

California, which was still losing jobs as recently as September, has added nearly 200,000 jobs in that time. That’s second only to Texas, which added 254,200 net jobs.

Nearly half of that increase in California occurred in February, when the state gained 96,500 jobs. That’s the most on record dating back to 1990.


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