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“Do you think that’s consistent with good government?” Mr. Catania continued.

“No, I do not,” Mr. Turnage replied.

Mr. Barry, Ward 8 Democrat, disagreed.

“It’s not illegal,” he said. “We shouldn’t punish the young people.”

Other witnesses

Mrs. Cheh has tentatively scheduled another hearing for April 7, with a list of some of the most anticipated witnesses: Gray campaign manager Lorraine Green, Ms. Hall and, most notably, Mr. Brown.

Outside the hearing, Mr. Catania said he was frustrated with indirect answers he received from witnesses. He said putting the “appetizer” witnesses before the key people slated for April 7 could create an unfair impression before the mayor’s key people get the chance to clear the air.

Answers, he said, are all he wants.

“We will have to wait a few weeks longer to have these answers,” Mr. Catania said. “I cannot believe that all these individuals were unavailable today, especially when one is in the audience.”

He referred to Mr. Brown, who attended the hearing, saying he heard about it on a television newscast.

“I’m here to say I’m not running from anyone,” said Mr. Brown, who abruptly left the chamber during Mr. Barry’s comments.

“Everything I have said has been supported by evidence,” Mr. Brown said. “This has been a smear campaign.”