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As for scapegoating teachers, Reverend Al knows better but seemingly can’t help himself. His Huffington Post commentary gave a hearty James Brown-like shoutout to the American Federation of Teachers, whose new plan, he said, would let “tenured educators who are rated unsatisfactory have one year to improve their teaching performance, or risk being fired within 100 days.” The union said the 100 days is needed to learn “whether the teacher should leave the profession.”

Hear the ka-ching? How much money will it cost your school district to hire additional bureaucrats to meet that new union demand? And what about the students in the hands of the “unsatisfactory” teachers? What happens to them as they wait out the calendar that’s marked on their teachers’ behalf?

It’s truly unfortunate that people like Reverend Al think teachers are under fire. Actually, they are feeling the same heat as Ms. Williams-Bolar, who wanted to do right by her children.

Teaching, once considered among the noblest of professions, has seemingly become a water-downed version of potlikker.

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