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Lee Ziemba, a starter at left tackle on last season’s national championship team, tweeted Tuesday night that the story was a “couple former players lying to bring our past season down. Keep dreaming fellas.”

Reddick, an Auburn offensive lineman from 2002-05, said he initially turned down “a large sum of money” offered “by a representative of a local alumni.” He said Auburn later urged him to change his major so classes didn’t interfere with football and that when he was unhappy and threatened to leave, an unidentified coach asked him to come up to his office for “some mail.”

“I followed him up to his office and he gave me an envelope,” Reddick told HBO. He said it contained “about like $500” and that he received two or three more payments that season and six or seven as a senior.

Reddick also said he sold his Southeastern Conference championship watch right after a celebration following the 2004 season to help his sister avoid foreclosure on her home.

Gray, who missed the 2008 season with a knee injury and never played for the Tigers, said he received $2,500 to $3,000 from what he described as an Auburn representative when he was being recruited out of junior college. “This man’s giving me money, I’m going to be loyal to him and go to Auburn,” Gray said.

Ramsey said he was paid $5,000 to $6,000 while at Auburn.

“You walk out (after games) and all the fans are waiting for (players) to sign autographs and some random guy just walks up to you and shakes your hand and it’s a wad full of money,” said Ramsey, adding that he was given $300 or $400 a game.

Ramsey had a career-ending back injury following the 2007 season and later filed suit against Auburn’s then-head athletic trainer saying that an aggressive rehabilitation program worsened the problem. He lost the suit and is appealing, according to The Birmingham News.