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He has acknowledged making mistakes over the past two seasons. But he also told reporters that he is content right now _ of course, the winning helps _ because he feels he has been true to himself, to his family, to God and to his players.

“Have I done everything the right way? No,” he said Tuesday. “But I did it my way. I’m not Sinatra right now, but I have. I am who I am, and quite frankly my skin and the person living inside that skin is pretty comfortable with who he is.”

Calhoun, who turns 69 in May, will make a decision about whether to return for a 40th season sometime after the Final Four. He said speculation that a third national title would push him into retirement is off base.

“Standing on the podium would be a bad time to make any decision,” he said. “And quite frankly, if things don’t go well it would be a lousy time to make a decision.”

For now, he’s just enjoying a run with what he calls a special team.

“I think about my grandchildren, I think about my wife. I think about friends who I’ve lost recently,” he said. “I think about the joy of being able to coach, the joy of going to a Final Four.”