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The prosecutors could be interested in determining how well Mr. Young’s credibility as a witness will hold up. Mr. Young, an aide in Mr. Edwards‘ 2008 presidential campaign, initially claimed he was the father of the child and traveled across the country helping keep Mr. Edwards‘ mistress Rielle Hunter hidden.

Mr. Young has since said he made a mistake by lying to cover up Mr. Edwards‘ paternity, which the former Democratic presidential hopeful has since acknowledged. Mr. Young has written a book detailing his role in the cover-up, which is being turned into a Hollywood film.


3 plants need closer review

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission says three U.S. nuclear power plants need increased oversight from federal regulators, although officials stressed that all are operating safely.

NRC Chairman Gregory Jaczko says the three plants — in South Carolina, Kansas and Nebraska — need more intensive review than other plants because of problems with safety systems or unplanned shutdowns.

Mr. Jaczko told a House subcommittee Thursday that the plants “are the ones we are most concerned about” among the 65 U.S. nuclear power plants in 31 states.

Mr. Jaczko did not identify the plants, but an agency spokesman said they are the H.B. Robinson nuclear plant in South Carolina, Fort Calhoun in Nebraska and Wolf Creek in Kansas.


Lawmaker: Cartels threatening agents

A Texas congressman says Mexican drug cartel members threatened to kill U.S. agents working on the American side of the border last month.

Rep. Michael T. McCaul said Thursday that a law enforcement bulletin was issued in March warning that Mexican gangsters were overheard plotting to kill Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and Texas Rangers stationed along the border. Mr. McCaul did not identify which cartels or what agency issued the bulletin.

The bulletin warned of a plot to shoot at the agents with AK-47 assault rifles from the Mexican side of the border into the U.S.

ICE Agent Jaime Zapata was shot and killed, and Agent Victor Aliva was wounded, in a roadside ambush in Mexico in February.


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