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“There are people here in Washington, D.C., who thought after the November election that you were all going to go home and go back to sleep,” she told the crowd. “You’re paying more attention now than ever. Because you have an investment in what is happening in Washington, D.C. You made the difference.”

Other members of Congress, including a few of the House freshmen, attended the rally. One of them, Rep. Allen West of Florida, told the crowd that people keep asking him why he won’t compromise on a budget deal.

“You did not send us up here to set the bar low,” West said. “I am not going to lower my standards.”

But even lawmakers who are tea party favorites suggested subtly that that a compromise might not be a total loss for the tea party.

Rep. Mike Pence, R-Ind., told the tea partiers that cuts being discussed aren’t “anything to write home about.”

“It is actually just a down payment. Maybe it’s just earnest money on restoring fiscal discipline,” Pence said. “But it’s a start and it’s a first step. And it’ll be a first win for taxpayers that could set the stage for larger victories.”