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“It’s very difficult to be from India or a small country. No. 1, they don’t take you seriously, and No. 2, you have to work very hard,” said Shane. “Half the time people in the fashion business don’t take you seriously because you’re from a small town. They ask, ‘Do elephants roam on the road?’”

The couple’s future will likely include dressing more A-list celebrities who love bright colors and blingy styles, but a more luxe collection in the works. They design their own prints, and architecture is a strong influence at the moment.

Interestingly, the women at the top of their wish lists to dress are not the sequined catsuit types: Faguni would love to see Queen Elizabeth II in their clothes, and Shane has his eye on a couple of prominent American women.

“I look up to Michelle Obama. She’s quite a powerful person,” said Shane. “We love to dress REAL women. In India, it’s more about customizing. Women come in different sizes, different shapes. We would have to adapt to what they wear, their style, with Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey. We can’t go overboard.”