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Mr. Museveni, who retains high levels of support, has said he will not allow any Egypt-style protests in Uganda.


Mandela Foundation getting into fashion

JOHANNESBURG | Preppy meets philanthropy in an international clothing line being launched by Nelson Mandela’s foundation.

The 46664 Apparel line, named after Mr. Mandela’s inmate number at Robben Island Prison, features colorful clothing that is supposed to make wearers look good on the outside - and feel good inside.

Profits from the Mandela project will help sustain the foundation’s charitable gifts, while boosting South Africa’s troubled textile and clothing industry, officials said at a news conference at the Nelson Mandela Foundation on Wednesday.

With the launch, the foundation joins a small but growing club of socially conscious sartorialists, such as Edun, a line founded by the singer Bono and his wife in an effort to bring a steady, sustainable manufacturing industry to Africa.

The 46664 line features brightly colored men’s sportswear and intricately patterned, African-influenced women’s wear, all designed by Seardel, South Africa’s biggest textile and clothing manufacturer.

Mr. Mandela was the 466th prisoner at Robben Island, a wind-swept penal colony in the Atlantic off Cape Town, in 1964.

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