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Toshiso Kosako, a professor on radiation safety measures at the University of Tokyo’s graduate school, said Friday he will resign as Mr. Kan’s adviser, a post he took on March 16.

“The government has belittled laws and taken measures only for the present moment, resulting in delays in bringing the situation under control,” he told reporters at the Diet on Friday.

He chastised the government for increasing the upper limit for emergency workers seeking to bring the crippled plant under control.

“The prime minister’s office and administrative organizations have made impromptu policy decisions, like playing a whack-a-mole game, ignoring proper procedures,” he said.

Mr. Kosako said the education ministry’s guidelines on allowable levels for elementary school children in Fukushima prefecture are “inconsistent with international common-sense figures and they were determined by the administration to serve its interests.”

Mr. Kan said his administration is “dealing with the crisis based on the advice that comes as a result of discussions by the Nuclear Safety Commission of Japan. Our handling of the crisis has never been impromptu.”