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We want to see the photo because justice is served only after bin Laden is killed and we have seen the evidence proving it. That is why people are tried in open court and executions are witnessed by citizens — so that justice is not carried out under the cover of darkness solely at the hands of the government.

You would think that a great constitutional scholar might know this.

But what is downright terrifying is not Obama’s hypocrisy, disdain for ugly Americans or infantile misunderstandings about American justice.

It is the grave damage he is now doing to our national security. For more than a week, he and his administration have gloated over the huge cache of intelligence taken from bin Laden’s compound that they claim is giving us all kinds of leads in the direction of all kinds of bad people.

How dare he compromise these treasures that good men risked their lives to collect. How dare he go blabbing to the world what should be our most guarded state secrets. And how dare he alert our worst enemies that they better run and hide while they can — or hurry and commit their suicidal missions before we get to them.

All this, of course, so President Obama — not us ugly Americans — can spike the ball.

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