- The Washington Times - Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dear Sgt Shaft:

As we approach Memorial Day, please remind your readers of the VetSignia group, a small group of retired veterans who make 36 special metalized film window stickers and magnetic vehicle plaques that provide a neat, attractive way for all U.S. veterans to show their service. They are called VetSignias and feature black print on bright silver metallic with a stars and stripes background. The VetSignia stickers and plaques honor veterans from WWII to today’s War on Terror.

Veterans of WWII, Korea, Vietnam and Persian Gulf can display the war served and their branch of service. VetSignias for those who served in overseas expeditionary campaigns such as Panama, Bosnia, Somalia, etc., can show branch of service and expeditionary. There are three VetSignias for veterans of the War on Terror. Non-conflict veterans can get VetSignias that show veterans and their branch of service.

VetSignias show combinations like; VET/KOREA/U.S. AIR FORCE, VET/VIETNAM/U.S. ARMY, VET/IRAQ/EXPEDITIONARY, or VET/U.S.NAVY. Everyone who sees one of the bright silver VetSignias will immediately know the bearer did something good for our country.

All VetSignias can be viewed on the Internet at www.vetsignia.org.

The metalized film window stickers (2”X4’) are 3/$12, magnetic vehicle plaques (2.5”X5.75”) are 2/$12 (S&H Incl.). Requests for VetSignias should be sent to: Bob Kline, Box 382, Blue Bell PA 19422.

Be sure to include your branch of service; and war served, expeditionary, or non-conflict. For additional information, call 610/277-1171, or send email to bobk.ww2usmc@vetsignia.org.

Bob Kline, WWII/U.S. Marines,
For the VetSignia group 1993-2011.

Dear Bob:

As per your request, Semper Fi.

Shaft Notes

The FRA (Fleet Reserve Association) presented its 2011 Pinnacle Award to New Jersey Congressman Frank LoBiondo during a recent Capitol Hill reception in his honor. The lawmaker was recognized for his efforts to improve the quality of life for military personnel and veterans.

FRA annually presents its Pinnacle Award to a member of Congress who has championed legislative initiatives that advance the association’s agenda of preserving and enhancing pay and benefits for current and former members of the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. Mr. LoBiondo was selected to receive FRA’s highest honor in recognition of his leadership in improving access to health care and other services for veterans, efforts to expand benefit eligibility for Vietnam veterans who were exposed to Agent Orange, and advancing housing and child care improvements for Coast Guard personnel.

“As a member of the House Armed Services Committee, LoBiondo is a fierce advocate for military personnel, veterans and their families,” said Joe Barnes, FRA’s national executive director. “He has been instrumental in establishing and expanding outpatient clinics for veterans in his state. He also worked to improve retirement benefits for career Reserve personnel, and eliminate the benefit offset experienced by survivors who are eligible for Survivor Benefit Plan annuities and Dependency Indemnity Compensation. FRA is particularly grateful for Representative LoBiondo’s efforts to support Coast Guard personnel and ‘blue water’ Vietnam veterans.”

During the awards ceremony Mr. LoBiondo also thanked his staff and congressional colleagues for their work in supporting military personnel and veterans, but reserved his “biggest thanks [for] those who are serving now and veterans who’ve served in the past. We owe you a debt we can never repay, so the least we can do is work to make sure you and your family have the best quality of life possible and do our best to be as strong a partner as you deserve.”

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