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In a tax complaint filed last year, Playoff PAC accused the Fiesta, Orange and Sugar Bowls of spending that violated their tax-exempt status. Sanderson said that the BCS undermined its credibility by not looking at the other bowls.

The BCS task force said that the Fiesta Bowl had taken several steps in the right direction since the internal report came out, such as changing expense reimbursement processes for senior staff and establishing criteria to serve on the board.

“Indeed, were it not persuaded of the sincerity of the Fiesta Bowl’s commitment to these reforms, the task force would almost certainly not be recommending that the BCS Group continue its relationship with the Fiesta Bowl through the duration of the current agreement,” the BCS said.

Among other things, the BCS said the Fiesta Bowl must also:

_ Remove board members who were found to have engaged in inappropriate conduct;

_ Include at least two members from the “collegiate community” on the board, such as faculty members or athletic directors;

_ Conduct an annual internal audit, and share the results with the BCS executive director;

_ Replace its auditing firm (PriceWaterhouseCoopers), or bring in a new supervisory partner;

_ Consult with the BCS on the hiring of a new executive director.

As to whether the moves will satisfy critics, executive director Hancock said, “These are strong actions in keeping with the nature of what was revealed in their report. These actions were not taken to satisfy or not satisfy any critics. They were taken because they were the appropriate actions, in light of the findings.”