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Policy provisions of the bill would reaffirm the congressional resolution authorizing the global war on terror and grants new powers to the Pentagon to launch clandestine operations in cyberspace.


GOP plans sharp cuts to education

Education, health and labor programs would face deep cuts under a budget outline for the coming fiscal year to be unveiled shortly by Republicans in the House of Representatives, a congressional source said Wednesday.

Those programs would face an average cut of 12 percent during the fiscal year which starts Oct. 1, enabling Republicans to shield spending for the military and other areas of the budget from reductions, the source said.

The cuts are sure to draw sharp objections from Democrats, who have championed programs like college-tuition assistance that are likely to fall under the knife.

With the government due to run up against its $14.3 trillion debt limit early next week, the two parties are sharply divided over what steps Washington should take to get its rapidly rising debt load under control. Republicans have championed deep spending cuts, while Democrats say that tax increases should be part of the solution as well.

The budget outline, due to be unveiled by the House Appropriations Committee, sets broad spending levels for defense, national parks and other discretionary programs that have their funding set annually by Congress.


Tea party endorses Bruning for Senate

The Tea Party Express on Wednesday endorsed Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning for the U.S. Senate in Nebraska, the group’s first 2012 endorsement.

The prominent conservatives’ endorsement comes more than a year before Nebraskans vote in what is shaping up to be a crowded GOP primary to unseat Democrat Ben Nelson.

Mr. Bruning accepted the group’s endorsement in Washington on Wednesday, saying the Tea Party Express’ backing will give him a boost with its message of fiscal discipline.

“Nebraskans get that, and I think they’ll be proud of this endorsement,” Mr. Bruning said.

The Tea Party Express is wading into Nebraska early because the group wants to focus national attention on Mr. Nelson, one of the Senate’s most conservative Democrats, said Sal Russo, the group’s chief strategist and a financial backer of the tea party movement.

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