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“The Mets are doing, when you have a problem, what you have to do, and that is they’re selling part of their team and putting equity in the team,” Selig said. “I’m satisfied that process is moving forward.”

While the Dodgers did not come up during the formal meeting, Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan was approved as the controlling owner of the Rangers.

Chuck Greenberg and Ryan led the group that bought the team from Tom Hicks last August in a deal valued at $590 million. Greenberg became chief executive officer, then left on March 11 and sold his ownership stake. Ryan, the team president since February 2008, took over as CEO.

Selig also addressed owners about next month’s amateur draft, warning teams not to overspend on signing bonuses. Owners would like a slotting system for draft picks in the collective bargaining agreement that will replace the one expiring in December.

Owners voted unanimously to approve the first rule change proposed by Joe Torre, Selig’s new executive vice president of baseball operations. In the past, MLB would pay for anyone to accompany an amateur player to a tryout in the Dominican Republic; in the future, the person must be a parent or guardian.