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Now comes the postseason, where the new coach doesn’t intend to dwell upon the past.

“It’s something we haven’t been a part of,” Tillman said. “We’d love to do something to make the school proud and alums really proud. We’re not going to let that be one extra burden that could impact our play. That’s not fair to the kids that are here.”

Someday, though, any possible burden could become a boon. Brian Phipps, a goalie at Maryland from 2007 to 2010 whose father, Wilson, played for the Terps’ 1975 national champions, knows the aspirations of the program remain unchanged - regardless of coach, regardless of players and regardless of the postseason outcomes throughout his lifetime to date.

“Whether it was last year or 35 years ago, that’s the goal every year - for Maryland lacrosse to be the best and win a national championship,” said Brian Phipps, now Maryland’s director of lacrosse operations. “Everybody comes to Maryland to win it, and the team that does is going to be a very special team and go down in history for a while. Hopefully, it will be this team.”