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Finally, there is the matter of our nation’s own interconnected energy and national security. The oil and gas potential of Arctic Alaska can help us build a bridge to the future, when non-petroleum-based technologies become commercially viable over the next several decades.

We already have a pipeline from Prudhoe Bay; the infrastructure is in place, and the exploration companies are willing. With responsible development, Alaska’s Arctic can guarantee decades more supply of both oil and gas to keep America strong.

As the Arctic Ocean becomes more accessible, our nation’s 1,000-mile northern coast is suddenly strategic and our vital national interests have a new frontier.

Mrs. Clinton is bringing the United States to the table at the right time to protect our sovereignty, national energy and economic security and to add wisdom and diplomacy to policies being forged. We’re watching history being made.

Gen. Joe Ralston is former supreme allied commander of NATO in Europe and former vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He is vice chairman of the Cohen Group.