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But while Crossroads and similar groups employ their own fundraisers, RSPAC will use local, state and federal office holders and seekers who may know personally five or 10 potential $100,000 donors who want to earmark their contributions.

RSPAC also will use state parties as fundraisers. State parties are expected to be eager participants because their donors are limited to $10,000 each.

For example, a maxed-out Missouri or Ohio donor who wants to give his state party $100,000 on top of the $10,000 already given may write a check out to RSPAC, which can then spend the money on phone banks and direct mail to get out the vote efforts - an effort that the state party would otherwise have to find the money to finance.

Using the RSPAC will relieve state parties of having to hire their own legal counsels for this unique approach.

The fundraising approach’s architects say the purpose of RSPAC is not to beat American Crossroads or any other independent expenditure group.

“Creating this independent expenditure PAC is not to compete with American Crossroads, which specializes in TV commercial ads, which are very expensive,” Mr. Yue said. “We want to focus on getting out the vote - boots on the ground in the form of paid phone bank and direct mail. It’s not very expensive, but it is very effective - and necessary in political warfare.”