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_”Up All Night,” a comedy about new parents created by Lorne Michaels and Emily Spivey of “Saturday Night Live.” Applegate portrays a successful public relations executive and Arnett is her stay-at-home husband, and Maya Rudolph is also featured.

_”Free Agents,” a romantic comedy with Azaria and Kathryn Hahn of HBO’s “Hung” as public relations executives on romantic rebounds.

_”Whitney,” a romantic comedy starring Whitney Cummings of “Chelsea Lately” as half of a happily unmarried couple. She tries to break the relationship out of boredom after attending a friend’s wedding.

_”Prime Suspect,” an adaptation of a British series that stars Maria Bello as a homicide detective in New York City trying to navigate the boys' club of a new police precinct.

_”Grimm,” an elaborate drama inspired by Grimm’s Fairy Tales. It features a homicide detective who learns he is the descendant of an elite group of hunters who fight to keep the world safe from supernatural creatures.

Here are the four series NBC has decided to make that do not have time slots yet:

_”Awake,” a complex drama about a reality-defying double life. A detective regains consciousness following a car accident to be told that his wife was killed but his teenage son survives. He soon finds that there is a parallel reality where his wife survives and son dies.

_”Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea,” is a comic look at Handler’s life based on the E! Entertainment network star’s book. Handler’s character is a strong-willed bartender. Handler herself has a recurring role playing her sister.

_”Best Friends Forever,” a comedy about a woman who flies across the country to move in with her best friend when the woman’s husband files for divorce, only to cause disruptions in the friend’s relationship.

_”Bent,” a comedy starring Amanda Peet as a successful lawyer and single mom, about her relationship with the contractor she hires to remodel her kitchen.