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“I am a worker and I am loyal!” Ms. Whiting added. “I am just trying to get back to my salary as I have expressed to Vince and Lorraine. I love Vince and my only interest is taking care of my son and helping this administration in any way I can.”

At the time of her email, Ms. Whiting was working for Mr. Mendelson. But an email from a friend of Mr. Gray’s six months earlier, as Ms. Whiting was campaigning vigorously for Mr. Gray, indicates that her failure to disclose her felony was brought to Mr. Gray’s attention during the campaign.

“I talked with Vince last night for 30 minutes about Cherita Whiting,” begins the email, dated July 24, 2010. “She is no longer working for Vince, and is now on the staff for Phil Mendelson. I don’t think she was doing a good job helping Vince and they got rid of her. But Vince was shocked to hear about the convictions, he is going to pull the paperwork from her employment application to confirm that she did not include the felonies.

“He was quite upset when I spoke with him about this, like he felt duped by her.”

Ms. Whiting received a $2,000 payment from the Gray campaign in November, according to campaign finance records. The Gray administration hired her on Jan. 31. On Friday, Ms. Green testified that she didn’t know who decided to give Ms. Whiting a job, or how she was vetted.

Cherita wasnt on my radar,” Ms. Green testified. “I didnt know that she was going to have a job.”

Earlier in her testimony, Ms. Green said she was “diligent on background investigations on people I knew about.”