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“Both sides I don’t think were resolute in their opposition to each other at the outset,” Boland said, “but I think they have come to be much further apart. Basically each side is waiting for the other to crack.”

“Yes, the season could be very much affected by this,” he added. “Games could be lost.”

Which hurts the sport more than anything. Even if a deal is struck late this summer, the quality of performance without the proper prep time will be damaged. Injuries could be more prevalent if eventually there’s a rush to get back to work.

As Cindrich noted, there’s already “irreparable harm” to the rookie free agents “whose talent will never be realized because they will never have that fair shot” of making the NFL.

“For some (veterans), it is likely their last shot,” Cindrich added. “Tell me how you put a dollar sign on that. You can’t.”