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A sentencing date has not been set for the three men.

Jack Johnson’s plea agreement also shed further light on the ties between his arrest in November and the arrest of liquor store owner Amrik Singh Melhi.

According to the document, Mr. Melhi asked Jack Johnson in January 2010 to amend legislation that would allow county liquor stores to stay open until 3 a.m. Johnson said he would assist with the liquor legislation if Mr. Melhi provided funding for Leslie Johnson’s campaign.

As Johnson’s term as county executive wound to a close and his wife was successfully elected to the County Council on Nov. 2, Johnson seemed to begin positioning her as the power broker that developers would now have to deal with, according to portions of federal wiretaps included in his plea agreement.

In a recorded phone conversation with Baig a few days after the election, Johnson said, “Leslie is going to take, ah, chair of the zoning, ah, panel. So I told her to, ah, stay there about three years because, because everybody needs zoning. … You’ve got a good County Council and they’ll look out for you. I’ll have Leslie to, ah, take care of things for you.”

After the pair was arrested at their Mitchellville home Nov. 12, the County Council voted to strip Mrs. Johnson of some of her power on the council, including the ability to vote on development matters.

Mrs. Johnson faces evidence-tampering charges after authorities say she destroyed a $100,000 check written to Johnson from Baig. After federal agents confronted Johnson, on Nov. 12, he called his wife and was heard on federal wiretaps instructing her to flush the check down the toilet and to stash $79,600 in cash in her bra.

Federal agents searched the house, found the money on Mrs. Johnson and arrested the pair shortly afterward.

A plea hearing was scheduled earlier this month for Mrs. Johnson but it was postponed and no future court date has been set. If she pleads guilty to or is convicted of a felony offense, she will lose her seat on the council.

Mrs. Johnson did not accompany her husband to court Tuesday, but rather attended the regular Tuesday meeting of the Prince George’s County Council.

Johnson’s plea agreement Tuesday will have no effect on the case against Mrs. Johnson, Mr. Rosenstein said.
He said the investigation continues and additional charges are possible.