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“We’ve lost a great man. We certainly lost an ambassador to baseball, certainly in the Minnesota area. I’m really lost for words because Harmon was a great man. He certainly always tried to help people once he finished playing the game.” _ Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington.

“To remember the innocence of being a young kid who just looked up to a guy he didn’t know because of what he did as a baseball player, something that you hoped that maybe someday you could be like. But as a grown man, I look back at him now not as that guy, but as the guy who tried to show me that you don’t have to be angry. You don’t have to be mad. You can love and share love. We’re all going to miss him, and we’re all going to love him forever.” _ Former star Twins pitcher Jack Morris.

“I’m 32 years old. I never got to see him play. The majority of the people now never did get to see him as a baseball player. But the reason he has made such an impact on the world is because of who he was outside of baseball, the 30-plus years after he retired from baseball. He continued to be an ambassador not just of baseball but of life in general. It’s why all the kind words that people are saying about him now is because of the person he was, not the baseball player.” _ Twins infielder-oufielder Michael Cuddyer.

“Talked to him a couple days ago and he sounded tired. Same thing I went through when I lost my Pops. He’s in a better place right now.” _ Hall of Famer and former Twins teammate Bert Blyleven.

“You shake his hand, still at 70-some years old, and he’d crush your hand. You can see where he got that power.” _ Twins slugger Justin Morneau.

“A lot of guys out there (in clubhouse) are really sad. We’re all honored that at least we had the chance to hang out with him a little and get to know him. He touched a lot of lives out there, not just on the baseball field, but the way you should handle yourself and a little bit about respect.” _ Twins manager Ron Gardenhire.