- - Tuesday, May 17, 2011


President deplores leniency for protesters

KAMPALA — President Yoweri Museveni on Tuesday blamed courts and police for being lenient with opposition groups protesting the rising cost of living, despite a crackdown on the demonstrators.

Last month, opposition chief Kizza Besigye launched “walk-to-work” protests against high food and fuel prices. Police beat him up, forcing him to seek treatment in neighboring Kenya.

“Weaknesses in the existing laws, too much laxity by the elements of the judiciary and the police allow all this indiscipline and criminality to persist,” said Mr. Museveni, who has ruled Uganda for 25 years.


Police detain record number of illegals

TUXTLA GUTIERREZ — Police on Tuesday detained 513 illegal migrants who were crammed into two trucks bound for the United States, prosecutors in southeast Mexico said.

In the highest detention on record in Mexico, immigrants from Latin America, Japan, China, India and Nepal “were traveling in inhuman conditions” in southeastern Chiapas state, near the Guatemalan border.


House of Lords could adopt direct elections

LONDON — Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg introduced a bill Tuesday to reform the country’s ancient House of Lords, including the first direct elections for members.

The 700-year-old upper chamber, which has the power only to amend legislation, currently has 792 active members in a mix of appointed, hereditary and religious peers. The members are appointed for life.

The bill outlined how the chamber can be slimmed to 300 members, with 80 percent elected and each member serving fixed 15-year terms. The other 20 percent would be appointed.


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