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White House spokesman Nick Shapiro said the pilot decided to circle because of the weather, calling it a standard and safe procedure.

The president was on his way to give the commencement address at the Coast Guard Academy at New London, Conn.


NCAA tells feds: Football playoffs out of its hands

The NCAA is telling the Justice Department that its questions about the lack of a playoff system for college football are best directed to another group — the Bowl Championship Series.

NCAA President Mark A. Emmert, responding to a pointed letter from the department, said his organization has no role in the BCS other than licensing bowl games. He added that without direction from its member colleges and universities, “there is no directive for the [NCAA] to establish a playoff.”

In a letter to Mr. Emmert this month, the department’s antitrust chief, Christine A. Varney, said there were “serious questions” about whether the BCS complies with antitrust laws.

Mr. Emmert said questions about the current system “can best be answered” by the BCS.


Feds urge appeals court to uphold health care law

The Obama administration said Wednesday that health care reforms should be upheld in the courts because the costs of the uninsured are a burden on interstate commerce.

In arguments filed in a federal appeals court in Atlanta, the government said the new law provided a comprehensive solution to the problem by requiring most people to maintain a minimum level of insurance or pay a tax penalty.

More than two dozen states have challenged the health care overhaul, arguing it exceeds the federal government’s powers.


Club for Growth no fan of Thompson or Trump

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