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Moores had no comment to The Associated Press on Wednesday about a report in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he is in talks to buy the Hawks and operating rights to Philips Arena.

Levenson also would not confirm the report.

“We stated publicly over two years ago that we had hired an investment bank to pursue all options for the teams and arena,” Levenson told The Associated Press. “That remains the case.”

Levenson has said he has been unable to find a buyer to keep the team in Atlanta.

Glavine said he does not know how much more time remains for a local buyer to emerge.

“The problem now becomes that whatever interest there has been from people to buy the team here, there’s obviously more of a sense of urgency and I don’t know if that can be overcome or not,” Glavine said. “It certainly puts it in a much more difficult situation.”

Lewis said reports of the team’s talks with Winnipeg have “caught us out of left field.”

“Everybody wants the team to remain here,” Lewis said.

“With hockey fans, it’s a little strange. We all consider each other as family. We go on road trips together. This wold be almost like losing a family member.”