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And here’s the pop-culture kicker to the entire event. The grandpappy of the undead, George Romero himself, stars as the villain. He uses a light rig as a weapon and acts as the pied piper of zombie land, calling his flesh-eating creatures to attack the heroes.

Don’t shoot George, it just makes him angry. Guide him instead into cold water to keep him calm. The famed director acts in a near godlike fashion in the orchestration of his minions, with Wagnerian bouts of anger and deadly, ground-shaking attacks.

Solo players also get a must-see computer-animated video introduction to the Call of the Dead mission with a foreboding voiceover by Mr. Romero.

This clever precedent for grabbing celebrities and placing them into a zombie game should cement Treyarch’s Call of Duty legend.

I’m voting now for the next foursome to include Mr. Campbell, Michael (“Reservoir Dogs”) Madsen, Rosario (“Sin City”) Dawson and Quentin (“Grindhouse”) Tarantino.