Ex-student: Wake brushed off sex assault incident

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“That’s why there’s such a focus on the university. Those are the people that are expected to do the right thing when push comes to shove,” he added.

Hatch said the school has established a group to work with victims of sexual assaults and raise awareness, and has made available a full-time victim’s advocate to inform students of their rights, “including their right to file a report with appropriate law enforcement authorities at any time.

“Ultimately, however, the decision of whether to file a police report, and when to do so, is a personal decision that must be made independently by the individual student,” Hatch wrote.

Athletic director Ron Wellman said his department “works diligently to encourage conduct that properly reflects the values of our university.”

According to the police documents, Hurt “ran into” Teague in the hallway of their Miami hotel at about 3:30 a.m. on March 21 _ hours after the Demon Deacons were upset by Cleveland State in the first round of the NCAA tournament.

Clark later joined the conversation, according to the report. She said the players asked her about performing oral sex, and she accepted Teague’s invitation to go to a hotel room.

When they arrived, according to the documents, she and Clark entered the bathroom and Teague closed the door behind them. She said Clark lowered his pants and asked her to touch his genitals; after she declined, he asked her to perform oral sex, and she said she complied because she was afraid not to.

In Clark’s statement to investigators, he said she removed his pants and the oral sex was consensual.

The report said Teague walked the woman back to her hotel room at about 5 a.m. and asked her what happened; when she explained, he hugged her, kissed her neck and left. She checked out of the hotel and returned to North Carolina without telling anyone, the report said.

After a few days she told a friend who insisted she report the incident to campus police, according to the documents. Records indicate the incident was reported to police in North Carolina on April 8 of that year, and the case was transferred to Miami police because that’s where the incident took place. Detective James Rae of the Wake Forest campus police investigated and forwarded statements from Clark, Teague and a third male student to Miami authorities.

Laura Adams, an assistant state attorney in Miami, said in the report that she recommended no criminal charges be filed because the allegations were one-on-one in nature, there was a delay in reporting the incident to authorities, the players denied the allegations, there was a lack of evidence and there were no corroborating witnesses. The case was ruled closed.


AP Legal Affairs Writer Curt Anderson in Miami contributed to this report.



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