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Zach made eight shots from the perimeter. There’s nothing you can do about that, other than pushing him outside a few extra feet and crowding his space. Gasol made four jump shots, and that’s not his strength of his game,” Brooks said. “But they made them and give them credit. They stepped up and they made those shots.”

Gasol went 4 for 4 on jumpers from at least 14 feet and Randolph hit eight jumpers from at least 10 feet out, including a 3-pointer.

“We can shoot the ball, pick and roll. It ain’t just coming down and throwin’ it in the post,” Randolph said. “We can do different stuff a lot of the other big guys can’t do.”

Perkins said “that wasn’t Thunder basketball (Sunday), and it’s going to be a different game tomorrow.”

“It wasn’t nothing like they had a lot of shots in the paint. He hit a lot of outside shots (Sunday) _ contested, tough shots at that _ so you’re not overreacting to nothing,” Perkins said. “I feel like we just didn’t play our game.

“I don’t get too much concerned about what the other team’s doing. I’m always concerned about what we do.”

The Grizzlies _ who led the NBA in steals and turnovers forced _ also scored 23 points off of 18 Oklahoma City turnovers and 22 second-chance points off of 17 offensive rebounds.

“That has to change,” Brooks said. “We have to get better in those areas because that’s their strength, and they had their way with their strength. We don’t want that to happen.”

Brooks said he was hesitant to double-team Randolph too much because he’s become a quality passer when the Grizzlies send players cutting to the basket.

“There’s only so many things you can do on a basketball court,” Randolph said. “They could double-team me and push me baseline. There’s only two things. I’ve seen almost anything, so I’ll be ready for whatever they throw at me.”