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And, the No. 1 objective of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger was aborting black, poor and immigrant babies.

And, as I said, the pro-choicers’ need our public dollars to continue funding their killing centers, which outnumber pregnancy centers 5-1 in Americas metropolitan areas.

As Care Net pools private money to open a health center that encourages girls and women to carry their pregnancies to term, the issue of how to publicly fund abortions recently hit the fan, so to speak, when Mr. Gray, a Democrat, and other top city officials stood side-by-side with pro-choicers and abortion providers who essentially said “we” should be able to use D.C. tax money to abort babies.

I’m beginning to question whether pro-life groups around the Beltway heard that message unless, of course, they no longer choose to fight the good fight.

If they are willing to continue waging a war, then praise the Lord, something many Americans are scared to say in public these days.

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