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_Cross training. People tend to find one thing they like and do it a lot, but multiple activities prevent overuse.

_Balance your routines to build strength, flexibility, core muscles and cardiovascular health.

_Lose weight. “Every extra pound you carry registers as five extra pounds on your knees,” DiNubile said. “The good news is, you don’t need to lose a lot of weight” to ease the burden.

_Spend more time warming up. Break a sweat and get the blood flowing before you go full blast.

_Let muscles and joints recover and rest in between workouts.

_If you’ve had a joint replacement, do the physical therapy that’s recommended.

“I tell patients, 20 percent of the outcome is the technical stuff I do in the surgery, and 80 percent is them,” said Hillock, the Las Vegas surgeon. “I can do a perfect surgery, but if they don’t do the rehab they’re not going to have a good outcome.”



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