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Ed Smith, president of the D.C. Firefighters Association, said firefighters put their lives on the line every day and ask “that the city lives up to the obligations that were promised.”

Mr. Barry said he is joined by seven other council members in opposition to the bill, which is under review in the Committee on Government Operations and the Environment.

Interactions between Mr. Barry and Mr. Catania have been rocky since early 2009, when Mr. Barry offered the lone dissent in a vote that allowed the District to recognize gay marriages performed in other states.

Mr. Barry resented Mr. Catania’s grilling of witnesses during hearings on Mayor Vincent C. Gray’s personnel practices, and last week Mr. Catania joked that Mr. Barry knows a thing or two about “irresponsible budgeting.”

Mr. Barry’s press release announcing Monday’s summit notes twice, in the first and last paragraphs, that Mr. Catania introduced the pension legislation.

“He is obsessed with David Catania,” said Benjamin Young, Mr. Catania’s chief of staff.