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Boston goalie Tim Thomas stopped 33 shots after falling behind just over a minute into Game 5, and Tampa Bay went 0-for 4 on power-play opportunities to droop to 2-for-18 in the series.

Boucher shrugged off a suggestion that the Lightning’s frustration could carry over into Game 6, using Boston’s ability to rebound after squandering a three-goal lead in Game 5 as an example of why teams can’t dwell on what happened the previous game.

“They were leading by three. Everybody was telling them that they were feeling bad after the game and it would maybe carry on the next game and they won the next game. That’s why I say, people like to hear that things carry on to the next game. But they don’t,” Boucher said.

“It’s a new story tomorrow,” the Lightning coach added. “So we feel that we lost the game and played well, and we can play even better. And whether it’s just or unjust, the reality is it starts at zero tomorrow, and we have an opportunity and that’s great.”

The Bruins are excited about the opportunity they have, too.

“I don’t think anyone is blocking it out. We’re all very excited, one win away,” Boston’s Tyler Seguin said. “I think we want to play like it’s Game 7. They’re going to, so we want to do the same.”

Teammate Gregory Campbell agreed.

“Obviously, it’s only natural to look ahead. (But) If you look (too far) ahead, bad things seem to happen. This is going to be the hardest game.”

While Roloson will start the Lightning, there was no definitive word from Boucher on the status of forward Sean Bergenheim, who’s scored a NHL-leading nine goals in the playoffs. Bergenheim sat out the last two periods of Game 5 with an undisclosed injury that the coach said would have kept Bergenheim from playing if Game 6 had been Tuesday.

“We’ll see,” Boucher said, adding that it won’t necessarily put more pressure on others such as St. Louis and Vinny Lecavalier if Bergenheim can’t go.

“You know what, it falls on everybody. I hate to point guys out and say it’s you’ve got to be the guy and you’ve got to be the guy,” Boucher said. “Everybody’s been the guy with us at one moment or another. So tomorrow, it’s a team thing. It can’t be one guy taking all this pressure on his shoulders. It’s everybody has got to lift a load together.”