- - Thursday, May 26, 2011


India, U.S. vow to boost intelligence cooperation

NEW DELHI | Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano met with top Indian officials on Thursday as part of a security dialogue to increase cooperation between the two countries in counterterrorism, intelligence sharing and cybersecurity.

Ms. Napolitano, who is on a four-day visit to India, has described India as a steadfast partner and said both countries should work together to strengthen their law enforcement and counterterrorism efforts.

During the Cold War, India and the Soviet Union shared close ties while the U.S. tilted toward India’s rival, Pakistan. In recent years, however, New Delhi and Washington have drawn closer, finding common ground in their concern over global terrorism, commitment to democracy and booming trade.

Ms. Napolitano’s visit comes as a businessman stands trial in Chicago in connection with the 2008 attacks in Mumbai, which killed at least 166 people. India has blamed Pakistan-based insurgent groups for the killings.


Political turmoil looms over Nepal’s peaks

KATMANDU | Nepal’s capital has just a few hours of running water per week, one of many problems left to fester as the country’s political parties squabble over a new constitution.

The country has had no prime minister much of the past year and risks having no government at all by the weekend.

Five years after the country’s communist rebels gave up a bloody revolt to join a peace process - raising hopes of a new era of stability - the country is sinking deeper into political turmoil.

On Saturday, the Constitutional Assembly - which serves as the country’s legislature - is set to dissolve without coming close to agreeing on the document that is supposed to govern the new Nepal.


Government to begin new rights probe

COLOMBO | Sri Lanka said Thursday that its dormant human rights commission would begin hearing new complaints as the Indian Ocean nation remains under mounting Western pressure to investigate war-crimes allegations made by a U.N.-appointed panel.

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