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ISTANBUL | A bomb mounted on a bicycle near a bus stop exploded during morning rush hour in Istanbul on Thursday, wounding eight people, including a police officer. The government said the attack resembled a Kurdish rebel operation.

Several ambulances rushed to the scene of the bombing on a multilane thoroughfare in a busy commercial area of Turkey’s biggest city. Media reports said one woman lost a leg in the blast and another sustained severe burns to her face. Television footage showed medics moving a woman with a neck brace on a stretcher into a hospital.

Police Chief Huseyin Capkin said the bomb was not powerful but was still designed to cause moderate destruction. Police were investigating whether the target was a police training school nearby, and whether the bomb was time- or remote-controlled.


New cockroach found in popular reserve

JOHANNESBURG | Some scientists peer into ocean depths and explore jungles in search of new species. South African scientist Mike Picker made his discovery - a new species of cockroach - in the middle of a top tourist destination.

Cape Town’s Table Mountain National Park is home to the world’s only jumping cockroach, which this week was named one of the top 10 species discoveries of the year by an international panel.

In a telephone interview Thursday, Mr. Picker, a zoology professor at the University of Cape Town, said his discovery shows how little is known about the world’s insects and other animals.

Mr. Picker’s cockroach is joined on the list by a mushroom that glows in the dark and another that blooms underwater; a spider that weaves giant webs; bacteria found on the remains of the Titanic; a fish found in Gulf of Mexico waters affected by the 2010 oil spill; a leech with enormous teeth; a cricket that pollinates a rare orchid; a giant, fruit-eating lizard; and a small antelope from West Africa.