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Mr. Scott said his father, Francis Percy Scott, was an orderly man — a quality that seems to have taken hold in his son.

“His whole mindset on simplicity and order and reliability, I guess, kind of set into me. It’s just part of my upbringing, part of my schooling,” Mr. Scott said of his father.

Mr. Scott said unknown actors were purposely cast for “Gettysburg” to reinforce the realism. He credited Mr. Moat, a fellow Briton, for directing the hellish battle scenes and not panicking “in the face of hundreds of people.”

Mr. Scott said the Civil War remains relevant and worth revisiting 150 years later. And one of its causes — to end slavery — is a powerful call to arms, he said.

“It’s wrong to say that war doesn’t settle anything, because in this instance it did,” he said.