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There’s good and bad news in Montgomery County’s newly approved budget, as property taxes will go up and schools are slated to lose local funding.

The good news? County workers will get to keep their Viagra.

Prior to approving the budget last week, the County Council shot down a proposal by County Executive Isiah Leggett, a Democrat, to remove the erectile dysfunction drug from the county’s employee health plan. Officials estimated the move could have saved the county $400,000.

While made in earnest, Mr. Leggett’s proposal drew tongue-in-cheek responses from the media. Stories reporting the debate typically included all the requisite puns about county workers wanting to protect their “performance” and opponents “rising” to dispute the use of tax dollars for the little, blue pills.

County Council President Valerie Ervin, a Democrat, chided reporters last week for making a joke of the issue.

She pointed out that the drug, also known as sildenafil, was originally developed to treat hypertension, and that it is used by many county employees to do just that.

“Many of the men who are using this drug in our community are using it because they have prostate cancer or other forms of serious heart disease that are no laughing matter,” she said.